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Peanut butter vodka, banana bread beer!

December 8, 2010

The beer board at Arena's in Rehoboth.

8 December 2010

This northwest wind won’t give us a break.  It’s sharp and it cuts and it’s cold! We’ve been riding the Great Cape Loop Trail a lot lately, on weekends.  What a fabulous biking adventure that is.  Marshes and Boardwalk, ocean and neighborhoods, great downtowns and open forests and fields in between.  So many great places to stop to see the beauty of nature and the creativity of humans.

In Rehoboth last Saturday, we stopped into Arena’s for a quick refreshment. My eyes were attracted to the colorful beer board. A couple of impressions:

• You can eat the titles of some these beers.  Others are emotional.  Some are old standards.

• In all the colors, look how white stands out.  It’s the same reason why bucktails catch the attention of fish underwater, why cottontail rabbits pop their tail to warn others, Probably because white is the presence of all colors.  Cool.

Bartender Colleen Carney told us that Miller Lite is the beer most ordered at the bar.  Craft brews charge on toward creativity and character but the heavily advertised national brands command the lion’s share of the day-in and day-out beer market.

At DogFish Head the creativity of the brews always jumps out.  On the board their own distilled and flavored Peanut Butter Vodka jumps out.  I hear one person say they will use the peanut butter vodka along with some kind of chocolate liquor to make a Reeses Cup martini. There are no limits to creativity.

By the Rehoboth Beach Museum, the canal overlook park is complete and looks great.  New light fixtures are in place. There’s a nice harmony between the park and the museum and a synergy between Grove Park, the overlook, the museum and the Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce offices and visitors’ center.

I like the historical display outside the museum of the old mill stone and one of Rehoboth’s many historic homes.

A sweet spot – the overlook park alongside the Rehoboth Beach Museum by the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal.

Check out the mill stone and information about a classic Rehoboth Beach residence, outside the Rehoboth Beach Museum, along Rehoboth Avenue, in town, just over the drawbridge. Occasionally sea gulls fly over and, in the winter, Vs of crossing Canada geese.