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Fantasy land comes to Second Street in Lewes

August 30, 2010

A small disco ball with directed lights adds a magical atmosphere to King's Ice Cream in Lewes.

Rudy and Chelsea Spoor recently added a touch of the fantastical and magical to their King’s Ice Cream store on Second Street in Lewes. Rudy and Chelsea met in the Netherlands while she was dancing and he doing technical and lighting work, both for the Royal Netherlands Ballet.  They brought some of that theater to their store when they added a mirrored disco ball beneath the porch and hit it with blue lights mounted under the corners of the porch. The turning ball scatters soft blue spots of moving lights around the front of the store – on the sidewalks, on the planters and the porch posts, and on the people walking by and standing in line.  A touch of quiet disco without the hammering beat. It reminds me of Tinker Bell in Peter Pan and the bubbles that LaLaLand used so effectively in front if its Wilmington Avenue restaurant in Rehoboth Beach.

The lights are attractive in a subtle and creative way and add a new element to the nighttime summer scene on Second Street.


A great July 4th celebration

July 6, 2009

dennis20090706Great weather and lots of events brought tons of people into Delaware’s Cape Region for the July Fourth weekend. On Friday night at 9:30 p.m., 25 people stood in line outside of King’s Ice Cream in Lewes while live music poured out the doors of Besemé a block away. On a parking meter in front of R&L Liquors, police placed a courtesy notice advising motorists that the street would be closed to all traffic starting at 6 a.m. the next day.

Saturday was non-stop from sun-up until after sundown. In Rehoboth Beach, when the sun was clearing the horizon, the dawn found people preparing for the 7:30 running of the Beach Paper 5K. More than 300 runners and walkers toed the mark and pushed their molecules into motion down Henlopen Avenue and around the in-town circuit. The Nation’s Summer Capital never looked back as the streets stayed full all day, until well after midnight when the final stragglers watched the Funsters pack up their equipment in the wake of a post-fireworks concert at the Bandstand.

In Lewes, the July Fourth games filled Second Street with children, parents and grandparents, chalk on the streets, eggs flying through the air and plates filled with dark and gooey fruit awaiting mouths eager to participate in the pie-eating contest. People strolled into the heart of town from the Historic Lewes Farmers Market and the crowd pulsed all day through the artists’ stalls at the annual St. Peter’s Sidewalk Sale of Art as they came and went from the games and the boat parade. Red, white and blue and stars and stripes were everywhere. The annual Fourth of July Doo-Dah Parade rolled out of Manila Avenue somewhere in the vicinity of the appointed hour between 5:15 and 6. Thousands of people lined the streets to witness dozens of patriotically decorated floats rolling past houses flying flags and hung with bunting while the occasional crackle of fireworks rung out from sidestreets.

Then in the evening, eyes from all over Delaware’s Cape Region shifted upward as public and private fireworks displays filled the Sussex skies. When the Fourth of July lands on the weekend, it’s wide open along the coast. And when it falls on a Saturday, and the celebrations go into the wee hours, the day after – Sunday – provides an amazingly welcome day of rest.