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Furloughs mean more beach days

July 1, 2009

They say it’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow any man some good.  Most winds do blow some good and such is the case with the furloughs announced this week as part of Delaware’s plan to balance its budget.  State employees are seeing their wages cut by 2.5 percent, but with the cut comes an extra five paid days off.  Other states are doing furloughing as well and the impact is already being felt in Rehoboth Beach.  According to a reliable source, the coming July Fourth weekend is swelling beyond its usual boundaries because furloughed employees from Maryland and elsewhere are using some of their extra days to lengthen their summer break.  That can only be seen as a good thing for Sussex County which relies so heavily on the tourist industry for economic boost.

The world continues to adjust to a new economy where there is more emphasis on time than money.  It will give everyone a chance to get to know their friends and family more, spend time outdoors where the pleasures are free, and walk and relax in their own communities rather than traveling great distances and spending lots of money.