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The future of Punkin Chunkin records?

November 11, 2009


A wee bit of scotch with this one.  Not too much.  Goldilocks principle: just the right amount. (Writing after hours from home.)

This morning, in the rain that rode in on another nor’easter, I drove to Harbeson to take a picture of Harry Thompson and Winfield Martin.  They’re part of the Iron Tiger punkin chunkin team that took third place in this year’s world championship competition.  Harry grows his own pumpkins and is convinced that the Estrella (or Cuban or Indian variety, it’s called all three) that he uses represents the future of world records.  Read my Barefootin’ column in Friday’s Cape Gazette for the full treatment.

My column runs on a page where color isn’t available so I’m including last week’s   and this week’s column pictures with this blog so you can get a feel for the colors. The top photo shows Harry, left, and Winfield (whose friends call him Butch) with the white pumpkin preferred by many chunkers, and the Cuban variety that Harry likes.  The bottom photo shows world record holder Jake Burton and his mom and dad, Chuck and Dawn Burton, in the family’s garage a few days before last weekend’s 2009 World Championship Punkin Chunkin. Note the trophy Jake won with last year’s 4,483-foot throw and his stash of white pumpkins ready for this year’s competition.  Jake didn’t place in the top three this year but his world record still stands.  Harry and his Iron Tiger team won third place this year. I’m not sure how Chuck fared with his J.D. Lazarus chunker. When I find out I’ll let you know.

Pumpkins are good for so much!  Sam Calagione makes a great Dogfish pumpkin ale and check our Denise Clemons’ food column in Friday’s Gazette for a great way to eat pumpkin.  Sussex County has a great future with agriculture.