Mysterious items on the cape’s point

It's like a desert on the point of Cape Henlopen. What survives is tough. What dies, gets bleached by the sun.

24 January 2011

One of Hemingway’s novels or short stories – I think it is Snows of Kilamanjaro – begins with a short observation about the frozen carcass of a leopard (or some similar predator) lying cold and drying near the peak of a mountain.  The observation concludes with a question: what was the leopard doing up there?

The same question coursed through my brain Sunday morning while I was pondering the skeleton of what appears to be a dog in the stony sand flats of the point at Cape Henlopen.  I have included a couple of photographs here in hopes that a reader will have some insight as to the identity of these remains.  What strikes me most is the length of the hind legs and the narrowness of the rib cage.  Could it be the remains of a greyhound? Many questions.  Did it wash up there, already dead?  Did it wander out into those desolate reaches, run out of energy, and die?

The point was quiet and cold Sunday despite a stiff wind bearing down out of the north.  A good day for beachcombing.  No one was there before me and I doubt they came afterwards either. Anyway, I came across a number of items that I need help identifying. Here are pictures.  If you have any idea of what these items are – including the skeleton – send me along a note.

Maybe together we can get some of this figured out.

Here's another angle on the skeleton. I have no idea what that electronic device might be where the animal's head out to be.

Here's a close-up of the foot. You can see why I think it must be a dog.

What is this, sticking out from a dune, being revealed by the eroding winds of winter?

I have no idea what this item is. It's about the size of a football.

This looks like an industrial float of some kind. It grounded inside the point of the cape, not far from the parking area .



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  1. Dennis Forney Says:

    sent you an email coop at gmail. Thanks for taking a look. I enjoy it all. You be careful in your travels and in your next steps. Hopefully we can connect next time around. Uncle Dennis

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