An old coastal homestead on Wolfe Neck

Allan Anderson enjoys searching the winter woods of Sussex for evidence of past history.

21 Januray 2011

In my Barefootin’ column in Friday’s edition of the Cape Gazette, I wrote about an overgrown homestead on Wolfe Neck.  Here are a few of the photographs from that column, and more, that I took last Sunday while hiking in that beautiful coastal forest.

A buckle, buttons and shards of pottery from the old Thompson homestead.

A pile of bricks against a tree provides further evidence of past lives.

The shed skin of a black snake hangs from a holly branch near the homestead. Pricks on the edges of stiff holly leaves must provide a natural tool for helping snakes shed their old skins.

The path of a raccoon near a freshwater stream, that must have served the homestead, witness other creatures that live in the forest.


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