Watch out for hazards along the trail

Stumps along the Junction-Breakwater Trail between The Glade Road and West Rehoboth. Don't lose your balance in this area.

22 March 2010

Hiking and biking weather is back with us, hallelujah! Many people have been hitting the Junction and Breakwater Trail between Lewes and Rehoboth.  There were some seriously wet areas – big surprise – just east of the Wolfe Neck Road crossing.  Becky and I rode the trail Sunday and much of the water had drained and dried.  It looks like good work by parks employees opened drainage ditches alongside the trail which helped immensely.

One thing riders should be aware of and be careful about.  In the wooded section of the trail between The Glade Road and West Rehoboth, a number of small trees have been cut down, presumably to clear them away from the trail.  The problem is that the stumps of the trees have been left at a height of about a foot and when cut, the angle of the cut left a point on the stumps that no one would want to fall on. I know money’s tight and state employees are stretched thin, doing a lot with a little, but those stumps ought to be either removed or cut flush to the ground.  As it is, they’re a dangerous hazard.

On our ride to Rehoboth we passed a farmer disking his field.  The piece of ground is obviously well-drained and the soil looked good for another year of corn or beans.  I would guess the farmer will go with corn since there or so many deer in the area they could really do a number on soy beans.  On the way back from Rehoboth, just at dusk, we passed 13 deer in twos and threes and one herd of seven.  We also passed eight or ten houses under construction in the Hawks Eye and Breakwater developments along Gills Neck Road.


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