Foggy spring days a coastal specialty

Wind- and wave-carved tidal pools near the south end of the Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach.

Wednesday, March17

It’s a sunny St. Patrick’s Day here along the coast and we are very lucky to be living here.  Coastal springs here in the Mid-Atlantic region tend to be cooler because of that great heat and cold sink lying beside us known as the Atlantic Ocean.  Of course it also gives us longer and warmer autumns.

A great thing about the springs here though is the fog that add another dimension to our weather. Cool moist fogs, especially enchanting at night when they add a ghostly feeling to our streets and countrysides, serve to keep buds and blossoms of spring fresh for a longer period of time.  They also make for atmospheric photographs.  Here are a few I made last week when we had a spell of foggy days and nights.

Rehoboth Beach Elementary School - on one of the prettiest spots in the resort.

The Buttery Restaurant in downtown Lewes - its decorative lights blazing in the March fog.

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