The inscrutable, monstrous Dr. Bradley

A metal suit of armor stands on the front porch of Dr. Earl Bradley’s house across from the firehouse on Savannah Road in Lewes.  It’s always struck me as a curiosity.  Now, given the unbelievable sex crime charges filed against the doctor, the suit of armor symbolizes something far more sinister.  For years, perhaps decades, no one knew or was willing to confront the monster that videos in police possession indicate existed inside the man. As for the medieval armor, the slit in the metal across the eyes offered at least a little opportunity to see the man within.  For his personal armor, Dr. Bradley dressed his life with innocent cartoon characters to more insidiously camouflage the horror that seethed inside.

The front porch of the house reveals more of the man’s contradictory nature.  In the window beside the suit of armor, a smiling Santa Claus figure looks to the world outside – another clue into the psyche of a twisted mind.

A further look around Dr. Bradley’s residence on Sunday morning, the grounds crusted with snow, showed a property not consistent with what you think of as a doctor’s house.  The old house needs a lot of work.  The ’70s-era aluminum siding is dirty, a back fence is broken down.  A new boat and trailer fill much of the back yard with its collection of ill-kept small sheds. A lawn mower sits forlornly and askew, as if the gas had run out and the owner just walked away from it where it sat, without another thought – or, perhaps, with many other thoughts.  The overall sense of the place is dysfunctional.

Several years ago, not long after he moved his BayBees pediatrics practice into the house on Route 1 where many recent crimes allegedly took place, Dr. Bradley and office staff entered the Lewes Christmas Parade.  His float was one of the most unusual that has ever participated in the parade.  He had cartoon characters aboard the wagon and other items drawing attention to his BayBees practice.  Most noteworthy however was a picture screen at the front of the float.  The doctor had rigged up a generator-powered video camera and had it positioned in such a way that it broadcast images of the parade in real time on the screen.

We know, now, based on court documents,  that Dr. Bradley used those same technical skills with the video equipment to record his own deviant sexual crimes against the youngest of children.  Trying to conceive of the mind that conjures and acts on these thoughts sends the brain toward shutdown.

Most of us have probably thought we would never encounter a real monster in our lives. Now it’s clear that we have.

There have long been clues that this odd character wasn’t in synch with the rest of the world around him.  Now the community is asking itself how long these crimes have been part of his world and why we didn’t detect their horrible extent before now?


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63 Responses to “The inscrutable, monstrous Dr. Bradley”

  1. Jill Showell Says:

    Is Dr. Bradley charged with having a messy yard? Is he charged with being a little “eccentric”? You are painting a picture of a person who may be a bit out of step with mainstream Sussex County culture, but that is no crime. Most of what you write would have nothing to do with whether or not he is guilty as charged. Dr. Bradley is entitled to a fair trial and due process. I find it very disturbing that you, Dennis Forney, are lurking around his home and publishing photos and information about your witch hunt in the Cape Gazette.

    • Allyson Says:

      Are you really that STUPID????

    • Kimberly Says:


      They have video of this man molesting children and you are concerned about his home being photographed? Maybe if someone did this sooner innocent children’s lives would not be ruined. Maybe if someone checked his computer files sooner we would have seen what a sick man we are dealing with. This man was under investigation for a year. His house is fair game in my book. But let him have his “due process” and then let him pay for the evil his has perpetrated on the innocent.

    • Brooke Says:

      You can not possibly be a parent. If you were a parent, knowing he video taped sexual acts with an infant 3 to 6 months old and violently raping a 2 to 3 year old, it would turn your stomach as you woud do anything to protect your child. Additionally, those of us who have grown up in Lewes, brought our families to be raised in Lewes, completely agree and understand Mr. Forney’s poignantly presented article. There is deeper meaning here, you need to think on it. And those of us that are proud to call this town our home, those of us who enjoy it for the shelter we find in a small town, need an article like Mr. Forney, assuring that this sick individual is gone and that we can have our safe little place back.

  2. Sheila Says:

    While I am in now way defending Dr. Bradely, I have to say that this editorial is just as “dysfunctional” as the very person it attacks.
    So, a person who doesn’t keep up his yard is a monster?
    Someone who knows technology is a monster?
    Wow…there must be a lot of monsters in the world Mr. Forney.
    Perhaps you should stick to the facts and leave the guessing to FOX News.

  3. Roland Headley Says:

    Earl Bradley is in prison where he belongs.

    Don’t you think you have an ethical obligation to refrain from publishing pictures of the home where his children still live? It’s just irresponsible to endanger those kids; they’re not at fault, and their lives have been destroyed with or without your helping to endanger them physically. You should be ashamed.

    • Jill Showell Says:

      I totally agree with you, Mr. Headley.

    • Matt Says:

      We all know where he lives anyway. He ruined alot of peoples lives and I am sure he ruined his kids as well. He is a monster and doesn’t deserve any respect. He was caught red handed. It isn’t a he said she said. It is him on the tape.

    • jen Says:

      Why should his children not suffer. As a parent of three kids who saw Dr. Bradley I hope his kids do not get a dime of his money since he made his income being paid to abuse our kids! I hope he never sees the light of day and I hope the prisoners let him know what it is like to be physically abused! I pray every day he gets killed in that prison.
      He was sneeky. He asked nicely while you are dressing the baby how about I take your little girl to get a toy. Plus he was a Dr. and most people trust Doctors.

  4. Erin Says:

    I guess the biggest problem Im having with this is the fact that parents left their children alone with this man. I cant fathom leaving my daughters alone, be it at the Dr’s office, the dentist, etc. I guess its easily defendable by saying they didnt know, but yet thats why I would never leave mine alone… because you never know. My heart breaks for the children and all that they may have endured at the hands of this monster. I pray our justice system does its job and he is remanded to a facility with no hope of ever getting out and preying on innocent babies again. Now I must ask God to forgive me because in those prayers I include the hopes that he will be incarcerated with other prisoners who give him a dose of his own medicine…pardon the cliche.

    • Matt Says:

      Do your children go to daycare? Do they go to school? Have they ever had a sleep over? You can’t watch your kids every second. Some of the videos are a few seconds long. Have you ever gone to the receptionist to make another appointment and looked at your calander for 20 seconds. You people have it all wrong. He was a predator and he knew when to tak e advantage of a situation. He had hundreds of patients he didn’t do it to all of them just the one’s he knew he could get away with.

  5. JUDI STUART Says:

    Hi Dennis
    Never in my wildest dreams would I ever suspect I would read a story like this one in Lewes…..There is no safe place left in the world.

  6. Angela Dominick Says:

    I can’t speak for other parents but I wouldn’t let anyone a doctor, nurse, etc. take my child out of the room for a period of time……it doesn’t make any sense. Regardless, these victims did not ask for what happened to them and did not deserve it! My heart aches for those poor babies! Dr. Bradley is truly a monster and needs to be locked away for the rest of his life. I don’t believe that these defective “beings” can ever be fixed. Sad but true!

  7. Mother of 3 patients Says:

    The actual article in the Gazette never mentioned ANY of this detail about numerous victims and videotaping, number one.
    Number two, and far more important: What about the Constitution and the presumption of innocence???!!
    I grant you Dr Bradley is an extremely odd man – although what would be “in keeping” for a doctors yard, I can’t say. He’s odd and generous and he always struck me as extremely kind and gentle with my children. He was in the room the night my third child was born. He has provided her routine medical care since birth. He left the room with her during exams when she cried and walked the halls showing her all the things he had on display. I could hear his voice talking to her the whole time and the nurse was in the door of the exam room looking into the hall after them. He had a unique skill as a doctor of trying to do the scariest parts of medical exams without the child being frightened. It’s horrifying to me that now, after the fact of these allegations, I and every other parent is now seeing monstrous motives lurking behind what previously seemed so generous, thoughtful and gentle – albeit odd.

  8. Melissa Says:

    I am the mother of a child who was under the care of Dr. Bradley. I have read numerous articles, comments and blogs from people ‘on the outside looking in’, ultimately blaming the parents for entrusting someone else with their child. Dr. Bradley was my oldest child’s doctor for 9 years; thereby creating a level of trust with my daughter. Although my children were never ‘examined’ without my presence, they were in the hands of this man to walk the halls and get toys from downstairs AFTER the exams and fully clothed. This again, is with a doctor i have entrusted for 9 years. Children do go to see the doctor for ‘well check-ups’, however, the vast majority will often see the doctor when they are ill or receiving shots. On these vists, the level of anxiety is higher, thereby allowing Dr. Bradley to ‘mask’ his behavior and associate the child’s fear with the clinical treatment. To say that you would never allow your child alone with anyone is absurd and impossible. Many children are allowed to attend sleep-overs with their friends, while only knowing the other parent for a few months or a year. Children are allowed to go on school field trips, not even knowing who will be chaperoning. Children attend daycares, with caregivers who have had background checks; just as Dr. Bradley had done to become a pediatrician. Many children will ride the bus for the first time ever in kindergarten – they are transported to and from school with a driver they have just met. Children are left after school with their coaches, and at Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts with a Leader. It does not matter how long you have known someone because you will truly never know the real person. People marry the one’s they fall in love with, and yet, some may find they are not who they thought they were. I love my children and would do the ultimate to keep them safe and healthy; thereby taking her to a doctor when she was sick. I was fooled by this man and so were many parents. I have been consumed by these events and i have played each doctor visit over and over again. I am torn by the Christmas spirit and the evil that has blanketed our family. I dont want to be out shopping, i dont want to go out to dinner, i dont want to go to work, i dont even want to open gifts on Christmas. I want to tuck my baby in at night without guilt that i have let her down, that’s all i want. Please spare your belittling comments directly or indirectly toward the parents of these children. This was unimaginable and unpredictible. The focus needs to be on these children and punishing the person who did those terrible things, not the parents.

    • Kimberly Says:

      Granted there are many places kids can go where you cannot watch them every minute. However, the doctors office is not one of those places. When you take your child to the doctor to be examined you are there with them as an advocate for their health care. No child should ever be examined without a parent present. You need to be there asking questions and the doctor should want you there. Even when I had a male OBGYN he could not examine me without a nurse present. I do not understand under any circumstances why a child would be left alone with a doctor….especially a 6 month old! Even in hospitals doctors travel from patient to patient in groups or pairs. It’s a liability issue. I am not blaming parents for what this doctor did, but this idea that you can’t be with them every second at the doctors office doen’t carry any weight because you can be and must demand to be. What I find even more creepy is this so called doctor taking the kids down to the basement for toys. Can you say “red flag?”

    • Brooke Says:

      That was beautifully written. I am sorry for all that you are going through and as a mother, I completely understand. We were not patients of Dr. Bradley’s, he was not working the day we delivered our daughter, but we could be as easily sitting where you are. There is a lot of misunderstanding and lack of education with the parents that would say “I would never..” and assuming that the children were alone during the examination. I pray for your family and all of the other families going through the second guessing of trying to do the right thing by your children, yet finding out someone you trusted did not deserve your trust.

      With the recent discoveries about Dr. Bradley and the little girl in Salisbury, when is it time to change the system? What will it take to make the punishment for these types of crime more severe? When will the law truly protect our children?

    • Julie Says:

      I, too, have known Dr. Bradley for 9 yrs. I’ve taken both my children to him. Thankfully, neither was ever alone with him. But, they very easily could have been, as Melissa noted. Unless you had met the man, you really wouldn”t have any right to judge whether or not a parent was wrong to have allowed him to be alone with their child. He struck me as a very kind, loving, gentle, mild-mannered doctor. My mind is in shock and struggling to reconcile this news with the man I’ve known. It’s absolutely mind boggling. And, unless you’d met and dealt with the man, you’d have no idea what I’m talking about.
      I’m also thankful to Melissa for verbalizing her feelings about her lack of Christmas spirit. I feel terribly vulnerable having been hoodwinked by Dr. Bradley. I think I have a pretty good radar when it comes to “weirdos.” I, like many, have always thought he was strange but not like this.
      My heart breaks not only for the poor, innocent victims of these crimes and their parents, but for his daughters. I cannot imagine what this has done to them.

      • Kimberly Says:

        You’re right Julie. Just a picture of this man would have been enough for me to judge that my child would never go to this unkept man.

    • mrm Says:

      I just read your comment,and just made me want to cry. Now I know I’m not the only one who feels that I have let my Granddaughter down. Now matter how hard I worked all my life to protect my daughters. I had custoday of my then 2 year old granddaughter and I took her to this freak of nature. I first thought him odd or offbeat for sure,but now I really understand just how sick he really is. I feel like I have let my precious granddaughter down, let myself down,my Daughter down for not knowing. So just for me I want to say thank you, your post said everything I have been feeling since this all came out.

  9. sadmother Says:

    These are my thoughts exactly. I’ve beat myself up, racking my brain, trying to replay every single visit over and over and over. I trusted him with my children, and I have enough sadness in my heart without people “on the outside looking in” telling me that they would never leave their child alone, even with a pediatrician. I can only hope that my children were safe and did not experience any of Dr. Bradley’s evil acts. Although, I am so sick to my stomach that he was ever cared for by him.

  10. Shannon Says:

    Melissa, I am very sorry for the pain this man has caused your family and countless other families as well. You are in my prayers.

    For anyone defending him with “guilty until proven innocent”–he VIDEOTAPED his crimes. What more proof do you want?

  11. Jon King Says:

    These parents are idiots. Common sense says a busy man would not personally take a girl to “get a treat”. Most of the videos are a lot longer than “a few seconds”. And day care is not the same. Most parents pick female day care providers, and the incidents of females molesting kids is very, very rare. These creeps ALWAYS need clueless parents. MY daughter would NEVER be his victim for one reason. I NEVER have let her out of my sight for 1 second while out of our house. NEVER, in 5 years. Why? Its my damn job to watch her!!!!

  12. Jon King Says:

    Melissa….you are a fool. What trust after 9 years? That is beyond dumb. No grown man should ever be alone with your daughter, never.

    School bus driver? Give me a break, they are not alone with him. If you got to the bus stop and your daughter was the ONLY kid on the bus, you would walk away. Field trips? Alone with a man? Give me a break.

    Your examples are beyond stupid.

    You are to blame 100% and cant admit it.

    • Brian Cobb Says:

      You dirtbag. You have no idea the hell these parents are going through, and you, the big man that you are, pick a forum where you cant be called on to “step out side” if you will.

      I would ask you to stop blaming the parents, and blame the monster whom did this. He was a person whom we as parents, trusted him with our kids lifes. I have worked in the medical field for the last 13 years, and sometimes, sometimes we do ask the parents to step out, because we are going to do a procedure on the child and we would like to spare the parents the mental trauma, such as watching a doctor stick a needle in the childs spine. If they insisted to stay, thats fine, but most parents TRUST the doctor. In the sad sad case of Dr. Bradley, he gained the trust of us, as parents, and he used it for his own sick needs.

      Really man, what the hell is wrong with you? Perhaps you are some type of sicko who gets his jollys by causing pain to others.

      Hope to run into you one day, so we can have this conversation in person.

    • Kimberly Says:

      Jon I have to agree with you. The parents have to share the blame in this matter because they did not protect their kids and did not use common sense. The guy was so gross looking too! I wouldn’t want to be in a room alone with him let alone my kids!!

  13. Karen in DE Says:

    Melissa, I am sorry but I do not accept your explanation. My daughter also went to Dr. Bradley from age 3-7. After the first visit he said, “Come on lets go get some candy while mom completes these papers”. I immediately told him, “no thanks”. It just did not serve any purpose for them to go off without me. He asked a few more times and even after years I still said no. Not because I am paranoid, but just because common sense tells me my daughter does not need to walk off with an adult. The vast numbers of priests who molested kids has been all over the news for years. There is no excuse for a mother “trusting” an adult like you did. It was not an emergency where in a panic you left your child. It was a request from an adult to take your child into another area. Allowing that makes no sense.

    As far as school trips and riding the bus, those examples are very far fetched imagining a situation where your daughter would be alone with an adult male in a private setting. I protected my daughter from Dr. Bradley and I am sure many other mothers did the same.

    • Erica Says:

      Considering there are videotapes with 100+ victims, many mothers did “not” as you say, Karen, protect their kids. Instead of blaming these mothers for a lapse in judgment…assuming the DOCTOR is a safe place…why not blame Monster BRADLEY…he was the one RAPING those kids. You are a sad person that you have NO compassion for anyone…just remember that we reap what we sow in life and one day you might be on the opposite end of a tragedy… Hope then you will find compassion not BLAME like you are doling out…

  14. Jaw Dropping Says:

    Melissa… well put. I am sure that there are many more parents who are feeling the same way you do this year and I am so sorry that anyone has to suffer with the questions and fear that so many are right now. I agree with you that even the most “over-protective” parents are going to have moments when their children are not right under their thumbs and these are the moments that these monsters wait for. Right or wrong, there are positions in society that we lean toward with a trusting attitude, our doctors, teachers, clergy, policemen, firemen ect. When that trust is betrayed, we are shattered. It appears that Dr. Demon did not violate these children during exams, he used the opportunity of giving them a reward for being good while parents were checking out. What a serpent. My heart goes out to you and all the victims. Please know that there are many people who feel the same way and pray for each of you.

  15. Lewes Reisdent Says:

    Mother of 3 patients Says:

    December 23, 2009 at 5:16 am | Reply
    The actual article in the Gazette never mentioned ANY of this detail about numerous victims and videotaping, number one.

    Actually there have been articles in the paper about him videoing taping his victims. In the DE state news. This man needs to pay for what he did!

  16. Grandmother of 2 Says:

    We need to pray for the childern that have been harmed, the parents who are facing the fact that thier childern was harmed by the worse thing any childern could experience. Our community were we felt safe and “it will never happen here”. The fact is clear he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he is ill in the worse form. And pray for his childern, hopefully they were not harm by him also. Mr. Forney there is nothing wrong with your story, you thoughts are of many of us, but we are closed our eyes, because we live in Lewes DE and nothing happens here! And I often questioned his dirty appearence, and property. I worked at the hospital and would they have hired me with such a unkept appearance? I think not! I have never in my life encounter a Doctor with such appearences. Thank God my grandchildern did not go to him. My prayers are to the parents who did.

  17. Lewes Mom Says:

    First, my heart goes out to the parents and the children involved. It aches with sadness to think of this tragedy.

    To Jill: Four words my dear – guilty by thumb drive! Does this mean anything to you? His actions are recorded…indisputable. He is not “a bit out of step with mainstream Sussex County.” It takes a horrific, monstrous animal to commit the acts he did. Obviously, it was not one of your children that was molested by the doctor. I think your view would be slightly different.

    To Sheila: Considering everything that is happening with this case, I find it rather difficult to believe that you think a “dysfunctional” editorial is actually important…get a grip.

    Now is not the time for unwarranted opinions, but for justice and healing. The most important thing now is to support/council the children and parents involved, and to bring to justice the monster that affected their lives with such tragedy.

  18. John B. Says:

    I found the article to be interesting and do not see why anyone would get so upset about the details of the doctor’s house. I appreciate the insight. (Mr. Kings rude remarks were appalling.)

    As a minister who deals with pedophiles (among many other types of offender) I am willing to bet that Dr. Bradley’s problems began with the use of adult pornography. I would like to give a thorough explanation of why I say this but must refrain and only explain that the sex act is a spiritual act, not just carnal, and we are all spiritual beings. God gives us explanations in the Scriptures. One of the things that Jesus said about sexual sin was this: “If a man even looks at a woman with lust, he is already guilty of adultery in his heart.” The “heart,” of course, is the spirit of the person. One does not actually have to indulge in an affair to commit sexual sin, but only to lust after the characters in the porn. Pornography is designed to do one thing: Incite sexual lust, and it does this very well. It is what follows the constant lusting that causes people to become pedophiles.

    Perhaps there will be some who will say they use pornography and they are not pedophiles. I do not doubt that, yet it will eventually cause spiritual problems within that very few would ever expect. I know this because I deal with much of it, not just the victims but the offenders.

    Some years ago, Ted Bundy was put to death in the electric chair. On the eve of his execution he was visited by Dr. James Dobson (Focus On The Family radio ministry). Bundy had murdered several sorority sisters, and Dr. Dobson asked him why he did this. Bundy said that his problems began with pornography.

    From time to time we read reports of men exposing themselves in public (there were two in Rehoboth this year). I guarantee they were users of porn. I have helped many who have been caught, and they tell me they don’t even remember doing it. The first thing I ask them is if they are into porn, and every one of them has admitted to this. This is only the first stage of a porn-user’s problems. It also may lead to rape of adults, molesting children and murder.

    According to a news media poll in 2006, fifty-percent of Americans were into porn. I would think that figure is even higher, now. Along with this goes the increase in “mental illness” which affects the porn users and their victims. Coincidence? I know that it is not.

    Sadly, some of Dr. Bradley’s victims will need more help than any therapist can offer, but they will not get it, simply because the therapists
    do not know how to deal with it. It takes much more than counseling, yet the treatment is simple. Spiritual problems (which is what the children will suffer) require spiritual answers and treatment. We all know that a victim’s problems stem from the trauma, but just talking about it doesn’t help the victim. Instead they have to learn to live with their problems for the rest of their lives, yet it does not have to be this way. It is fully curable and the offenders are fully redeemable.

    Although Dr. Bradly will likely spend some years in jail, he will not be cured of his problem. Jail is not a deterrent in this type of offense, and placing him on the sex offenders’ register will not prevent future offenses. It is very sad to see the state’s lack of answers to this growing problem. Yet another valuable life is now in ruins because of porn.

  19. A Mother! Says:

    I pray for those heartless people out there, that want to judge others without knowing the facts. I pray for you, and your children if you have any, that you don’t EVER have to go through something like this. Blaming the parents REALLY??

    Your a moron!

    I can understand if they deliberately put their children in harms way, as we have seen through the years. But they didn’t. Something so innocent as making another appointment, grabbing their coats, we as parents never fathom something could happen within seconds of you standing right there, within ear shot of your child.

    For every Parent that is racking their brain for every second of every Doctors visit. It’s not your fault, Dr. Bradley is a Evil man and he perfected his mask to play the part of innocence, he will get his day in court and get what he deserves. Stop beating yourself up, and get help for you and your children. Love your children and blanket them with comfort and understanding.

  20. Brian Cobb Says:

    John King,

    Go clean your mouth out with buckshot.

  21. Sean Says:

    All the previously posted blogs reveal a community struggling with the alleged crimes of Dr. Bradley. Yes, I did say alleged because everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Do I believe he is guilty? Well the evidence the prosecutors have certainly seems to go beyond a “Reasonable Doubt.” I’ve always been amazed at the audacity as well as the stupidity of those who videotape their own crimes. Indeed, let’s give law enforcement the rope to hang us. Undoubtedly, Dr. Bradley has convicted himself. Prosecutors only need to properly present the State’s case to get a conviction.

    However, the question remains, “What is a just punishment for his crimes?” Will “Justice be Served?” Can justice ever be found with crime spree that is so devious as well as beyond the comprehension of a mentally healthy person?

    Pedophiles are never healed! These individuals are ticking time bombs in society. They can and do relapse. The problem remains – how will the courts deal with the problem of Dr. Bradley? Will he be sent to prison for period of time only to be released? What a scary proposition! Pedophiles have no limit to their deviance. Therefore, he should be incarcerated for an indefinate period of time, and concurrently receive intensive therapy. Will the court system agree with this plan? Who knows? Criminal Justice, in my humble opinion, is at its best flawed.

    Nevertheless, community members should refrain from attacking one another. Does this kind of behavior help? Everyone will need to rationalize these events as best they can. It will take years before the community will heal from the transgressions committed by Dr. Bradley.

    In addition, the actions of Dr. Bradley have given the medical profession a black eye. How did medicine allow such a miscreant to infiltrate their ranks. Many questions must be answered in order to prevent this from happening again.

  22. sally Says:

    To the people criticizing comments on the status of this so called doctor’s property, have you ever judged a run down area of a city feeling confident that it is filled with drug addicts and crime? most people not involved with criminal activities have respect for their environment. hypocrisy isn’t illegal but it sure is unpleasant. Lets all focus on rejoining as a community and working on solutions.
    we took our child there Once, felt he was creepy and never went back.

  23. linda Says:

    John B. you have definitely hit the nail on the head. Pornography, allowed by our government as freedom of speech, is the crux of the problem. Everyone knows that males are visual beings and use porn for arousal. There are absolutely no restrictions on porn and nothing good can come from it. It’s a bigger business than google, yahoo and ebay combined. In my opinion it’s the root of the degradation of this good ole USA. And because it’s makes so much money nobody is going to stop it. It would behoove us an Americans if we made a statement to Congress to change porn laws.

    • Kimberly Says:

      I’m not aware of any legal child porn in the U.S. Are you saying that Dr. Bradley watched porn and that is why he is a pedophile? If he didn’t watch porn he would be completely normal? I don’t buy that. That takes away his personal responsibility in this. People know right from wrong. You can blame so many different things for peoples actions, but in the end you are the one who makes the choice between right and wrong.

  24. jeani Says:

    This is beyond horiffic….my thoughts go to his own children. His wife left him when they were young, he raised his four children himself. Did their mother know anything? I hope and pray they weren’t victims also. This must be so difficult for them. I feel I should pray for everyone involved, but am unable to include Dr.Bradley…his sin is the worst act ever. He took the oath…”do no harm”……

  25. John B. Says:

    With respect to the claim that “pedophiles are never healed,” I can truthfully say they can be and are. I know because of the work I do with them, and there is no regression. My counseling only shows them what caused their problem but it does not cure it, and neither can any counseling or therapy, no matter how intense. The public seems to have such a strong faith in the therapeutic work of which they know nothing.

    An analogy: A man is diagnosed with a malignant tumor. He visits a surgeon who counsels him about the procedure to deal with the tumor, and the prognosis for complete recovery. If the surgeon only counsels the man and orders therapy, instead of removing the problem, the man will die. Likewise with the pedophile problem. Counseling and therapy by themselves just will not work!

    Some of those I have dealt with have told me of their “therapy” administered by mental health professionals, and it is quite laughable. If people only knew what goes on in the therapist’s office, they would be very disappointed in the system. I confess I did not ask every pedophile or other type of sex offender about their therapy, so perhaps there are some very good therapists at work on this problem. However, are there any therapists who know their work has actually cured a pedophile?

    Again, the sex act is a spiritual one, not just carnal. It has spiritual repercussions which is why God forbids adultery, fornication, incest, homosexuality, pedophilia and bestiality. A person would have to read the bible accounts of how Jesus dealt with people’s spiritual problems in order to understand what I am saying. I do exactly the same thing, and this is why people are cured. I might add that I do not deal only with local people but those all across the United States, but you won’t read about them in the papers because nobody likes to tell their story of how they were cured; this would be an admission of their guilt.

    Some years ago, the U.S. Supreme court decided that pornography is protected speech under the first amendment to the constitution. How they arrived at such a ridiculous judgment I will never know. For this reason it cannot be banned. Porn is sexual sin, it is not speech by any stretch of the imagination. The only thing the authorities can do is to try to help the victims of pedophiles AFTER the damage has been done.

    Another writer mentioned pedophile priests. Priests are banned from getting married but they still have sexual urges and will resort to whatever they can to bring relief; pornography is one of their ways. The apostle Paul said “It is better for a man to marry than to burn with lust.” This was not just Paul’s opinion, but God addressing the issue through Paul. The pope is the one who forbids priests to marry, yet the bible is explicit that forbidding people to marry is the “doctrine of demons” “taught by hypocritical liars.” (1 Tim 4:1-3). This places an unbearable burden on many men around the world who then resort to affairs (fornication and adultery) or porn.

    I hope I’m turning some lights on in the public mind, about porn. Either deal with the problem or look for more pedophiles to arise in the near future.

  26. sadmother Says:

    Karen in De & Jon King,

    Shame on you. This is a time when parents need support, not the finger-pointing charades you two are pulling. NO ONE is to blame but Dr. Bradley himself. He did this! Not me, not Melissa, not my child….DR. BRADLEY!
    And if you think a field trip, bus ride, daycare, etc is far-fetched…you are mistaken. I would have never dreamed in a million years a pediatrician’s office could be the place that stole children’s innocence, and yet it was.
    You two are ignorant and ridiculous. Jon, you boast about not letting your daughter out of your sight for 5 years…Be careful how you talk…you could just be like me one day, sick to your stomach because someone you trusted took advantage. I hope you never go through anything like this…and I hope you find good in your heart to show empathy for these children and their parents.

  27. SASHA Says:


  28. Mark Manning Says:

    There is no penalty harsh enough for what the man did. He should be put to death.

  29. Bryant Says:

    you sound like you’re defending this freak. I hope you’re not.

    • Jill Showell Says:

      No, not defending him in any way. I find the whole thing to be horrific of course, and my heart weighs heavy for our community, the victims and their families and also for his children/family. What I was trying to convey is that every citizen gets due process and that is a constitutional right. Earl Bradley’s case will be heard by a jury and it will be judged based on evidence and not based on his appearance or the appearance of his yard. I would not want the safety and privacy of the Bradley children/family to be jeopardized by random people lurking around the family home. I don’t think that is fair to them and I consider them to be victims in this whole thing as well.

      • Kimberly Says:

        What family Jill? He wife left him and his kids are grown. I’m pretty sure he is in jail without bail. Just whom are we protecting? You just don’t get it. We are smart enough to know that his lawn and appearance are not going to be judged in a court of law but this is very telling of a man who took advantage of our most innocent. Don’t forget he was under investigation for a year. I’m was however glad to hear you express some sympathy for the victims this time.

  30. j Says:

    With all due respect to John B. and his profession, you are not curing pedophiles, so the first thing you should stop dilluding yourself about is that. You are contradicting yourself, first saying “counseling only shows them what caused their problem but it does not cure it,” and then later making the claim “A person would have to read the bible accounts of how Jesus dealt with people’s spiritual problems in order to understand what I am saying. I do exactly the same thing, and this is why people are cured. ”

    This kind of naivete about pedophilia is enabling and dangerous! Furthermore, if 50+ % of Americans polled (both men AND women, presumably), you’re barking up the wrong treet to blame pornography for developing the pedophile urges. It is both unproven and totally illogical – if someone looks at images of adults, there is no reason to expect a correlation to images of children. I think much of the porn industry is filthy and in need of much better taste, but it is unfair to pin that much blame on pornography in general. There’s a world of difference between Playboy and the myriad of other more hardcore options available via the internet.

    Contrary to what one of your supporters said, also, the porn industry IS totally regulated. Anyone who goes into an adult video store can tell you, there isn’t child pornography on the shelves – it doesn’t work that way. That’s all black market, underground, and now internet operations.

  31. Beth Says:

    I have been so heartsick about these monstrous events since learning about them. I haven’t ever taken my kids to Dr. Bradley but know plenty of people who did. While I was never comfortable with him, I am in no position to judge other parents, certainly not to place blame. There’s supposed to be a system that protects children, right? It’s not as though he was an accountant or something, without daily, repeated exposure to potential victims. He was accused of this before DE and several times over the past few years yet allowed to continue to put innocent babies at risk until there was more evidence (more victims). We need some changes.

    To the other comment – I would say pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated. To use your analogy, you can’t get cancer from reading about cancer. Certainly, people can become obsessed about many different things, excesses of which could affect behavior. In my non-clinical opinion though, I think there’s a deeper cause for sexual child abuse: having been abused oneself, for starters.

    My heart goes out to all the parents and children directly affected by this monster. I hope they can reclaim the innocence taken and ease the shame and unwarranted guilt he so freely imparted. I join the community in embracing all of his patients and helping these kids heal by creating a safe environment. As his victim count rises, it’s likely that all of our children know and go to school with many that were abused by this man. I hope that once the evidence is collected, the police will dismantle his office and get rid of the spectacle that became such a scary place for so many children.

    As for the earlier comments about your editorial, Dennis, I take it to be just that: an editorial. Take your liberties – it’s not as though the man didn’t collect and preserve his own damning evidence. Also, the paper ran after the charges were announced, which is why the original article didn’t include them. Curiously, when I heard about these crimes, my mind also went first to that Rehoboth Christmas Parade with Monsters, Inc. characters and Dr. Bradley on the float. Indeed, he is the scariest monster of all.

  32. passing through Says:

    “Number two, and far more important: What about the Constitution and the presumption of innocence???!!”

    The presumption of innocence is a legal instrument. It means that a person is not legally guilty until a jury returns a verdict of guilty. They may be factually guilty, as in the case of Earl Bradley who filmed himself in the act of committing his crimes. But he is not *legally* guilty, and thus cannot be sentenced, until a jury pronounces him guilty.

    There’s no requirement whatsoever that anyone, other than his judge, presume him innocent. The judge must wait to sentence him only after a jury declares him guilty (or unless he confesses, of course).

  33. passing through Says:

    “This is beyond horiffic….my thoughts go to his own children. His wife left him when they were young, he raised his four children himself.”

    The divorced was in 1998, meaning he was 45 at the time and his children were in college by then.

  34. 16 year old Says:

    Mr. Jon King, how can you judge other parents and other people when you aren’t in their situation? its impossible. yes, we all are well aware what Dr.Bradely did was unacceptable but do the parents of the children who went to his office and the parents deserve the harsh criticism? you can’t tell me you have never made a mistake in your life or second guessed yourself. people like you have no morals and make me sick. i have no respect for anyone who believes parents are at fault for this. this is ridiculous. you people are arguing on the WORLD WIDE WEB!!!!! victims and victims families can see what you have posted. do you not care? Mr. King do you want people to feel worse than they already do? when i was younger yes, a doctor was a person i could trust. but being an intelligent young adult i read the paper and other articles unlike most teen’s that attend the Cape Henlopen High School. i was not a patient of Dr. Bradely thankfully but i do feel terribly sorry for the patients that were victims. Mr. King i would love to have a face to face discussion with you and the others that but the blame on the parents, because the one to but the blame on is incarcerated.

  35. Ken Says:

    It would appear that some people misunderstood the intent of this article. to me it appeared to be an observation into what would become known as a deviant’s mind. Does the article state that ll persons with messy yards should be examined for bodies in the basement or chase them with torches and pitchforks? Nope, don’t see that at all. rather, it seems to be more of an attempt to discover the visual clues of someone who so violated the more’s of society. I would imagine that in the hometown of Jeffery Dahmer people were asking the same kinds of questions, which was mainly…”What did we miss…..why didn’t we see this comming”. It’s not an unbiased attack against the so-called doctor, but more of an attempt to understand an evil mind.

  36. Cacafuego Says:

    Jon B:
    What creates pedophiles is being abused sexually as a child and it never being dealt with/discovered and the kid growing up to equate the abuse of children with ‘love”. Those kids who aren’t screwed up THAT way by abuse usually suffer from depression, trust issues,rage issues, self-injury, low self esteem, and tendency to self-medicate. THEY can be ‘cured’. But pedophiles? You can no more cure a pedophile than you can turn a reptile into a mammal.

  37. John B. Says:

    Cacafuego, you are incorrect on all your points. You are telling me that what I have been doing for the past eight plus years, is not being done. You are not here with me when I deal with sex offenders, so you have no idea what I do. I hasten to add that pedophiles are only a tiny percentage of the people I help, and not all of the people are sex offenders.

    All of the pedophiles I have helped were into porn, but only one or two were sexually abused as children. And every one of them was and still is cured.

    When you talk about abuse “not being dealt with,” I assume you are talking about counseling? Talking about the problem does not cure it, and what else does the mental health profession have to offer? I know of the things they do in the way of treatment, having asked the people I help, and it is absolutely laughable. And why would they come to me after their secular treatment? Could it be that it didn’t work?

    If you knew what porn does to a person, you would have a much better idea of how to treat the sex offenders. As I have already stated, the problem is spiritual, and it needs spiritual treatment. Ordinary abuse counseling does not do it, and I’m guessing that your comments are based on a knowledge of secular counseling which does not even begin to touch on the spiritual side of the matter. Incidentally, quite a few of the people I have helped include psychiatrists.

    I wish I could go into greater detail about the spiritual effect of sexual abuse but this is not the place for it. I would say, though, that my records now count over seven-thousand people helped successfully in all manner of “mental” problems. And I don’t charge a cent for it. Why would I do that? God has the answer and it’s quite easily discovered if you bother to search.

  38. John B. Says:

    J, the naivete of the effects of porn is strictly yours. You apparently haven’t understood a word I’ve been saying. I did not contradict myself in my statements about secular counseling and what Jesus did. Jesus did far more than just counsel people. That “far more” is also what I do.

    You do not understand what adult porn does to a person. If you did, then you would also understand why some heavy users of porn become pedophiles. You also have no understanding of spiritual matters. If you did, then you would understand what I’m saying.

    You jump to conclusions, too. Neither Linda nor myself said that child porn is not regulated or that it is available in porn outlets. The government cannot prevent the sale of adult porn, therefore it is basically unregulated. They can only license the business that sells it. There is also a lot of free porn posted on the Internet by people who like to exhibit themselves in sexual encounters. There is no regulation on that. What I said was that porn cannot be banned because it is protected by the Constitution. Perhaps a more careful reading of our words is in order, on your part.

    As with another writer, here, you have no idea of what I do to help sex offenders of any kind, yet you stand in judgment of me. Judging something or someone without knowing all the facts, is prejudice. You would do well to not practice that. Were you sitting in my office throughout the eight-thousand hours of work I have done with all kinds of people with all kinds of problems? If not, then your conclusion about what I do is reprehensible, illogical and completely wrong.

  39. Cindy C. Says:

    my daughter is now sixteen, she went to bradly when she was 2-4, years of age. I always went into the room with her, but with a man this sick, how do i know when i was sitting on the chair and she was on the table being examined that he didnt put his hands into her vaginia, because he is a sneaky pig. So, do i send picture to the states att. office? or just let it go?

  40. DD Says:

    John B.
    No disrespect, but you are a minister, not in the medical profession. Most pedophiles were abused as children. That is a fact. They were abused as children and porn is then often part of their adult lives. Don’t forget that the uncle of Dr. Bradley was arrested on child abuse charges. Monsters raise monsters. If the pedophiles you counsel say they were not abused, they’re lying. See how easily we can be duped?

  41. John B. Says:

    All of the pedophiles I have helped were into porn, bar none. Some were abused as children but not all. In response to all of my detractors, I say this to you. Not one of you is present when I do what I do. You don’t know the people I help or how I help them, yet you all try to tell me my business.

    DD, you are correct in only one thing, that I am not a medical doctor, but then the people I have successfully helped (100% of them) were cured, whether you and others believe it or not. As I said before, the sex act is a spiritual act. It is not a medical act, and as such it requires spiritual help, something most medical doctors are not able to do. Apparently, doctors are not the only ones who don’t understand the spiritual side of sexual sin; you are also ignorant of the facts. It was God who forbids sexual sin, not the doctors, and He had a very good reason for doing so. Pedophilia is only one problem that results from such.

    Some of those I have helped were NOT sexually abused as children, and I don’t care if you believe this or not. You can think whatever you like but you have no idea of how I do my work. Therefore you base your comments with a great lack of knowledge. In the meanwhile I will continue to do what I do, with or without your approval.

    • Jeremie T. Says:

      John B.

      I get it john. I’ve read this entire thread and I get it now. Your comments are well reasoned, measured, and consistently understandable in this mess of tragedy, and finger pointing. You indicate a cause, an effect, and most importantly a solution. All of which make perfect sense to me.
      I am entering the field of health care and despite my limited experience, I have seen enough suffering to know that some illnesses are ones of a spiritual nature and must be treated accordingly. I’ve also learned enough to know that our “system” for dealing with spiritual disease (e.g. sin?) is woefully deficient. I’m given few tools, the best of which is to refer my Pt’s to someone like you.
      I’ve read the Bible (1 Corinthians 7, among others), I’ve prayed for ALL those involved in this tragedy, and I have sought the input of those more spiritually mature than I. I’ve come to a conclusion and I’ve made some changes in my own life as a result of your posts, and the posts of others.
      Thank you for shedding some insight on this horrible situation John. One person has heard you.

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